Sea Haven Motel - 2020 Season = New Owners

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have been to Sea Haven before, there are seven units now, and the unit numbers have been reassigned.  

For example, the previous unit #3, which had one bed and slept up to two, is now Unit #4. This might cause an issue for someone in the past who rented unit #4, which used to sleep up to six.  To see information on each newly remodeled unit, copy and paste the links listed below. 

Spring 2020:  The Sea Haven Motel's original owners, Jeff and Maureen, have retired. 

The property is now managed by  VACASA.COM, a property management company.   

Their phone number is 503-345-9399 / 1-800-544-0300​.  

Links to Sea Haven Motel units presented by Vacasa:

Unit #1, sleeps 6

Unit #2, sleeps 4

Unit #3, sleeps 4

Unit #4, sleeps 2

Unit #5, sleeps 6

Unit #6, sleeps 4

Unit #7, sleeps 4