Sea Haven Motel and Sea Haven's Guest House

Notes - Reservations for Christmas, New Years and other Legal Holidays are a 3 night minimum. Most weekends are a 2 night minimum. 
Exceptions are when a single night is all that is left in the availability calendar.   2 night weekend min examples: Thu & Fri, Fri & Sat, Sat & Sun
Management reserves the right for room style on single night reservations. To request a specific room, a minimum of 2-3 nights may be required. ​

In this tech savvy world, I am sure you would like to be able to book online! We would too - BUT, since we are such a small property, inventory can change quicker than I can get to a computer to close it out online! Reservations requests come in from email, text, phone, Facebook as well as drive ups, and we have not found the right online solution yet. Until then,  please bear with us, and call to reserve.  If you send us an email inquiry, please include a phone number so we can call you back. ALL RESERVATIONS are made by phone.  CALL 503-355-8101 

For your convenience, please refer to the chart below for our open rooms and dates for the rest of the Fall / Winter Season.